Record Mode Drops Out Unexpectedly #111

DGMC Clinical Investigations Facility (2019-03-27 18:37) · 315 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


Thank you for producing a great program.  It is a real service to the research community.

While running VitalDB with a Philips MP50, I've noticed Vital DB will stop recording unexpectedly.  It will then resume recording a variable period of time later.  I am able to merge the DB files, but there are gaps in the data.  I am thinking it might be due to intermittant loss of pulse ox or heart rate signal from the monitor.  Am I correct?  Or is there some other problem.  

Thank you!

vitaldb2017 (2019-03-28 02:36)
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Actually, we use the following criteria for automatic recording.
Therefore, you must verify that your signal meets the following criteria.

1. HR "AND" SpO2 signal input >5 data points (usually 5-10 sec) will start the recording
2. Loss of HR "OR" SpO2 signal input > 10 min will stop the automatic recording then close the case file.
3. Recently, we have added two more criteria such as "OR" BIS signal, "OR" INVOS signal, to ensure recording in Cardiopulmonary bypass or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation situations.

If you would like us to review your file, please send the merged file to We will review and answer your question.