Scale for EEG on GE B450 w/EEG Module #363

Leopold Simma (2021-02-04 12:21) · 171 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear VitalDB Team,

Thank you for your great program. I was able to connect one of our Carscape B450 Monitors with an EEG Module and capture both channels.

The only issue is that the for proper display of the signal the monitor is set to 400µV, Vital Recorder only displays 100µV, so quite a few waves are cut off on the recoding. Eyeblink artifacts for example are cut, makes it hard to interpret post-hoc.  I haven't seen any setting to adjust the Voltage. Do you have any advice to resolve this?

Best Regards


vitaldb2017 (2021-02-23 23:35)
Scale settings cannot be made in the monitor and track views during recording
The scale setting can be made only when the recorded file is opened.
When you place the mouse over the track variable name in Track View, a pencil icon appears in the upper right corner, and you can adjust the scale in the setting window by clicking this.