BIS Monitor #375

Brad (2021-03-09 00:49) · 161 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


I'm trying to use a BIS monitor with your software. It is plugged into COM6, I can see that it is sending/recieving data, however, I'm not able to see any waveforms with VitalRecorder. I was wondering if there is anything I am missing. 

I have followed the steps outlined in Guides and API references

My assumption is that it would simply show up. I've tried starting/stopping and start record. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

- Brad

vitaldb2017 (2021-03-11 00:54)
1. What is the model name of your BIS monitor?
2. You also need to change the settings on the BIS monitor side. Have you made the changes according to the guide?