Drager Perseus A500 #59

Bryan (2018-02-25 15:10) · 2695 view(s) · 2 comment(s)



First thank you very much for the software. It works on some device and I\'m still waiting for some cable to fully use it.

However I can\'t make it works with an Drager Perseus A500.

I found a the port COM1 and COM2 however they are Male SR 232 and not Female SR 232 as in the Primus.
So I found some mini gender bender F/F to be able to connect a M SR 232 on it.

But there is no signal coming out.

Did you experiment with this ventilator and do you have some insight to offer ? Should I buy an USB to SR 232 female and skip the gender bender ?

Thank you very much.



Chul-Woo Jung (2018-02-27 14:35)
Thank you for your interest.
Although we have not tested the latest anesthesia machine, Perseus, however, the Vital Recorder program should have worked in the Perseus as well, when you chose the Drager protocol and the proper COM port, because all Drager anesthesia machines are known to use only one communication protocol.

Could you make sure you used the direct type mini gender instead of the cross type gender? Actually, you need a direct type F/F gender.

Bryan (2018-03-02 11:00)
Ok. Thank you very much. I'll try to acquire those and keep you updated.