Since data tracks in the Data Bank are visualized after downloading selected tracks via programming, it is inconvenient to learn about the relationships between parameters before conducting the study. Our online viewer is designed to allow researchers to select the required data tracks and quickly navigate to data points in the cases that contain parameters of interest.

  1. Go to Viewer tab.
  2. In the tracklist on the left, select the data tracks of interest by AND / OR search.
  3. Click on a specific case in the case list in the center.
  4. You can see the selected data tracks in the case chosen are displayed in the viewer on the right.
  5. If you want to get more information about clinical and track parameters, please refer to the Parameter List tab.
  6. Data navigation
  1. mouse scroll: zoom in and out
  2. Alt + mouse wheel Scroll: vertical scroll
  3. mouse drag: free navigation