Data backup

Vital Recorder stores data in local storage (HDD, SSD) on the computer where the program is installed. However, you can maintain stability by backing up your data using a private or commercial cloud. We recommend backing up your data to the cloud and periodically deleting data from your local computer using the two-way sync feature of your personal NAS (Network Attached Storage). Below is an example of using Synology, a representative device of a personal NAS.

Sync program settings

Install cloud station drive to synchronize data between Synology NAS and local storage.

Please refer to Synology homepage for detailed usage.

File Management on Researcher Computers

The folders on the synced NAS can be synced back to the researcher's computer. Install a cloud station drive on your research computer and sync it bidirectionally with the data upload folder on your NAS. Now deleting the files in the Sync folder from the Researcher's folder will simultaneously delete them from the local storage on all computers where the NAS and Vital Recorder are installed. You need to calculate the storage space of all the depots and repeat the backup and delete periodically.

Automated Backup and Versioning with Hyper Backup

Synology's Hyper Backup package allows you to recover data to an earlier point in time, even if you accidentally delete or overwrite it. See the links below to learn more about Hyper Backup..