GE B40 Monitor #235

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Thank you for sharing this program.

I am from Malaysia, and I am starting to set up using this software.

I would like to ask whether the GE B40 monitor is supported? If it is supported, how is the cable connection for this device? I tried to connect the device with 9 pin serial to USB converter to my laptop, but nothing happen to the program.

Thank you for your attention and Happy New Year.


Chaw SH

Alfredas (2020-01-24 17:36)
Hello. We are also interested in possibility to connect to GE B40 monitor. Waiting for possibility or your recommendations. Thank you in advance!

Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos

vitaldb2017 (2020-01-25 01:43)
Please refer to the end of the section "GE CARESCAPE B850, B650, B450" in the DOCs page.§ionId=h.n8druoyzwz7b

However, you must prepare "ATEN" USB-serial converter and F/F cross gender before establishing serial connection.
The connection diagram is like this.

[B40 USB port] - [USB port of ATEN converter -serial port of ATEN converter] - [F/F null modem] - [serial port of generic USB-serial converter - USB port of genericUSB-serial converter] - [USB port of your VR computer]

After confirming that a proper serial port (COM) has been created, please select "GE: Bx50" in the device list of VR to initiate data collection.

(2020-01-28 15:59)
Dear Vitaldb2017,

I have checked our General Electric B40 monitor and there is NO USB PORT on it. Our monitor is manufactured in 2014. Here is the instruction with connections described:

There is Multi I/O connector with 26 holes (this is for connection of Multiple Input/Output adapter) and LAN port. This Multiple Input/Output adapter has Serial Port, but actually we don't have this adapter in place.

Could there be any solution for this case? Thanks in advance!


vitaldb2017 (2020-01-29 23:45)
I'm sorry that I didn't give the right information.
The B40 monitor requires a multi I/O connector for serial communication, and ATEN USB converter, which is required for Bx50 monitors, is not necessary.

Chaw Sook Hui (2020-01-30 03:35)
Dear all,
Thank you for all the inputs.
I had managed to capture data from GE B40!

Our monitor had Multiple Input/Output adapter with Serial Port in place. I used a USB-Serial adapter to connect my laptop to the patient monitor (not the ATEN converter), and selected GE: Bx50 as advised. It works!

The first time I didn't manage to capture was because I didn't install the driver for the USB-Serial adapter.

Thank you, everyone.