Issue connecting with Drager:Primus #246

Chaw Sook Hui (2020-01-30 04:37) · 575 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Dear VitalDB team,

Good day.

I am trying to connect Drager Primus into a laptop with your amazing program.

After I connected the USB-Serial converter into the GA machine serial port and selected Draegar : Primus in "Add Device", the Device tab shown ON, then"up/down arrow".

However, there was no signal capture in the window.

When I displayed the Debudding window, it showed "Cannot connect update server".

May I know what is the issue?

Thank you for your attention.



vitaldb2017 (2020-02-05 01:50)
Data collection on Drager Primus has been tested for a long time and works very well.
Make sure that the "Y cable" option in the device configuration window is not checked. This option is for connecting the Y cable and peeking data when the anesthesia machine's serial port is primarily occupied by the EMR, so if the data cable and anesthesia machine are directly connected, you should uncheck it.

Chaw Sook Hui (2020-02-06 15:17)
Thank you for your explanation.