Data Bank: `anestart` and `aneend` details, negative `anestart` #261

Matteo Dora (2020-03-02 08:37) · 579 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


First of all: thanks for sharing this very interesting dataset.

I have some questions about the meaning of the clinical parameters `anestart` and `aneend`. How are these times defined with respect to anesthesia? (e.g. does `anestart` represent the time of the loss of consciousness? injection of bolus?). Moreover, I notices that for many cases the `anestart` value is negative: what does this mean?

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vitaldb2017 (2020-03-03 21:39)
The 'anestart' and 'aneend' information has been taken from the anesthesia chart of EMR, which was recorded by the attending anesthesiologist.
Usually these times mean the moment when an anesthesiologist thinks he/she has taken any meaningful action to start or end anesthesia.
The vital files are auto-recorded data, so their starting and end points may not match the hand-written clinical record.