EEG waveform from Intellivue BIS module #270

David Highton (2020-05-18 04:52) · 586 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Hi, I am unable to access the EEG waveform from the BIS module plugged into the Intellivue MX800. All other signals and waveforms are working. Ive checked with other waveforms disconnected to make sure it isnt a bandwidth issue.

The signal isnt accessible in several other software solutions, but is in ixtrend.

Any suggestions?



David Highton (2020-05-25 14:12)
Ive performed some closer examination - the BIS EEG appears to be reported with no physio_id (should be 592c, but reported as an unlabelled wave 0000). Hence its not being picked up by VitalCapture. Any suggestions for a work around?