Stable data acquisition with NI-USB 6009 (in stead of 6008) #295

N. Eleveld (2020-08-12 07:29) · 589 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Thank you for the development of this great DAQ system. We are planning to use Vital DB for the data acquisition of a Philips MP-series monitor and a NI-USB 6009 device. VitalDB has stated to support NI-USB 6008, but we tried it with the NI-USB 6009 and we could also obtain our data! However, acquisition is interrupted after several seconds (~5 to ~50 seconds).

Does anyone know why this is the case? Would it be possible to have a stable DAQ with a NI-USB 6009 device? 

Thank you in advance. I am willing to share any device details that may be necessary.

Some basic machine specifications: 
HP ProBook 440 G6 - Windows 10
Intel i7
RAM: 16 Gb

N. Eleveld (2020-08-14 09:21)
If you have any experience with data acquisition with a NI-USB 6008, both with the present configurations (GE Tram Rac or LINE IN) or other hardware and are willing to share this, that would also be appreciated! Possibly there were interruptions in the data acquisition with these devices+NI-USB 6008 as well (?)

Thanks in advance!