Data file discrepancies and invalid values #299

Yu-Chung (2020-09-11 04:17) · 513 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


There seems to be discrepancies between data downloaded from and data downloaded using the vitalDB API.

.csv file downloaded from website:

.csv file downloaded using python API:

Notice the BIS/EEG1_WAV column, that starts immediately for the API file but not for the website file.

The file from the API looks wrong, but the file downloaded from the website also has invalid values: ;

Highlighted is column AT, which is "SNUADC/PLETH." The -198 values seem suspiciously incorrect. Does anyone have the same problem or a solution? 

vitaldb2017 (2020-10-13 06:42)
We have converted our data from the vital file to csv twice. There was a version difference between the web viewer and the api data. Now, the web viewer has been modified to use the api data. Thanks for the point.