Is there a specific user/password for Raspberry Pi image installation? #304

joanne (2020-10-20 05:12) · 633 view(s) · 4 comment(s)

I am having trouble with mounting the image onto my raspberry pi 4. I get stuck at the prompt for user and password. The typical pi/raspberry for the user/password combination does not work and I cannot find any further details. Thank you!

vitaldb2017 (2020-10-22 23:29)
You don't need to login to the Raspberry Pi system to use the Vital Recorder program for the Pi. Please just burn the image to the microSD card, then use the Pi setting menu in the Windows Vital Recorder program to setup the device and wifi.

Patryk Dzierzawski (2020-12-21 13:04)
Same problem for me with the Raspberry Pi image. I get following failure message on boot:
Failed to start /etc/rc.local Compatibility
So it asks me to log in to the Raspberry. Standard Raspberry Pi login does not work. Is there any quick fix for this?
Thank you.

N G (2022-01-01 21:19)
After the PI boots, you can access it via the web interface: default password is "2017"

Ioannis (2022-12-01 17:46)
For my case, the problem is that the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn't boot at all as I get error regarding "start4.elf". Do you know any workaround for this issue? Thank you.