MX850 and web recorder #315

raymand Pang (2020-11-18 09:21) · 411 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Many thanks for sharing this excellent piece of software

We wondered whether the software is compatible with the MX850 Philips Intelivvue monitors. Please could you also advise us of the connection required - I presume this would be an ethernet to serial connection? Would the lead configuation be the same as the MX600-800? We have the MIIB board.

We are also interested in the web recorder and wondered what your data privacy policy is. Do you store and use the data recorded when we activate the web monitoring function?


Many Thanks


vitaldb2017 (2020-11-26 02:48)
We haven't tested the MX850 monitor, but we are hoping it will probably communicate using the standard protocol of the Philips monitor and we think it will work using our program. Our program supports communication through the serial port of the MIB board.

The data for web monitoring is stored for 2 hours for your review and then disappears. Data for web monitoring was created as a separate data flow from the data for storage. Your data, whether cloud-stored or web monitoring data, is not accessed or used by anyone, including us.

Ray (2020-12-08 12:51)
Thank you - please can you tell us how the serial to RJ45 should be wired - I have been unable to detect a signal currently using the MX600-800 set up