Issue connecting to MX800 #317

Markus Adamek (2020-11-23 20:34) · 556 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


I am trying to stream data from an IntelliVue MX 800. I followed your Guide, configured the correct Baud Rate, made sure the output port is correct, and connected my RJ45 to USB converter to the port with the label MIB/RS232 ( ).

However, after adding the Device to Vital recorder, I don't seem to receive any data. 




vitaldb2017 (2020-11-25 23:53)
If you have an MIB board installed on your Philips monitor and you can't see the data properly even though you set the data output properly, the cable is most likely the problem. The cable you have chosen is not properly wired for data output from your Philips monitor.
Please purchase a Serial to USB (RS-232 to USB) converter and make a custom RJ-45 to Serial cable according to the guide on our website and test again.