Problems with Philips Intelivue MP40 #318

Francisco (2020-11-24 00:01) · 486 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


I tried downloading waveforms from a philips MP40 multi-parameter monitor. I did all the steps required in the documentation; but unfortunately I couldn't record the waveforms, only empty folders were generated. Does anyone know what the error may be? Thank you

vitaldb2017 (2020-11-25 23:32)
Please check the followings:

1. Is the MIB board installed properly?
2. Is the custom cable wiring correct?

If both of these are done correctly, you can see the data being drawn on the screen.
If the screen is displayed properly but the recording is not working yet,

1. Is the "Recording" button pressed? When recording starts, the recording time is displayed in red at the top of the program window.
2. Is "Upload to cloud storage" unchecked in "Settings-Management"? When this option is checked, data files will be uploaded to the cloud and only empty folders will remain locally.