Cardiocap/5 from Datex Ohmeda. How to access? Can the GE Bx50 interface be adapted? #474

John Robert Sneyd (2022-01-07 20:15) · 53 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Can anyone helone help me with the Cardiocap/5 (Datex Ohmeda/GE)? I have one connected by the X2 serial port and into VitalDB using the GE Bx50 patient monitor interface. This works but I am unable to access all the things I want. In particular I would like to download the other waveforms from the gas module ie N2O, O2 waveforms. CO2 waveform is already available. I suspect that a Cardiocap/5 interface could be achieved with a small number of tweaks to the existing GE Bx50. Has anyone done this? Can anyone help please? 

vitaldb2017 (2022-01-09 23:28)
Dear John Robert Sneyd,
Thanks for your interest in Vital Recorder and valueable advices.
From Vital Recorder, we made it possible to request O2 and N2O waves.
After selecting Bx50 in the Add Device dialog, you can check these waves to request them.
We have also fixed a bug with the channel names of FIO2 and FEO2.
Thank you again and happy new year.

John Robert Sneyd (2022-01-15 07:29)
Thankyou for this, it works really well. I have some other suggestions which I have posted as a new thread.