File name vital. #481

John Robert Sneyd (2022-01-15 07:40) · 197 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

The output file name is always the same 'vital'. This means that if I start and stop the recorder the last file is overwritten and the data lost.

I am collecting data in short experiments (~5mins). Would it be possible to have a timestamp in the fie name? Then new files would not overwite the old. Thankyou.

vitaldb2017 (2022-01-18 02:50)
The naming rule is fixed: "bed name_date_time".
For example, if the bed name is TEST, "TEST_220118_134833.vital" is created.
The bed name can be edited by clicking the pencil icon in the VR Tab (left upper).
If the file name is not created properly, try uninstalling VR and reinstalling it.