IntelliVue / EEG Module: both channels on one track #491

Jakob Garbe (2022-03-01 19:39) · 200 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear Development Team,

I'm trying to use VitalRecorder to grab 2 EEG waves from the IntelliVue EEG Module (M1027A) with a MX500 Monitor. I'm using the current software version (1.9.2).

Here is the problem: The EEG waves from both channels are written to a single track.

- Exporting data also gives a single channel named "EEG", content seems to be a wild mixture of readings from both channels.

- I've tried with the MX500 and MX700 monitors (see pictures).

with MX500:


with MX700:


Would be great of you could give us guidance on how to avoid the issue or - if it's a genuine bug - fix it. Thanks a lot!

All the best,

Jakob Garbe from Halle, Germany

Jakob Garbe (2022-04-12 10:23)
Any updates? :)