Connecting a Servo-u ventilator and a GE CARESCAPE monitors to the Vital Recorder software #495

Manuel Cabeleira (2022-03-31 13:56) · 141 view(s)

Dear VitalDB,


I have tried and failed to connect a servo-u ventilator to the software. Is there anythin in particular that need to be done for this ventilator? I have tried using the module for the servo-i. During my tests, I have tried with success collecting data from the servo-i and after contacting the manufacturer I was told that the communicattion protocol of the servo-u was the same as the one for the servo-i. Maybe the cable is different?


On the same session I have tried, also without success to coneect the CARESCAPE monitor using all the GE modules you have available but I was also unsuccessful. I have vberified the cable and it is correct but there was no way I could make the software to communicate with the monitor. Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you for your time,