connect Atlan A350 to Vital Recorder #521

Vidar Skulberg (2022-10-05 13:20) · 348 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear VitalDB-Team


Is it possible to connect Atlan A350 to Vital Recorder?


The VitalDB Hardware Connection Guide recommend a Y-cable for data peeping for Dräger Anesthesia Machines.


Is it the same for Atlan A350?


Thank you for help!

vitaldb2017 (2022-11-29 04:38)
Sorry for the late response.
But I think you can connect Atlan A350 to VR using the MedibusX protocol.
And I expect that Y-cable would also work.
Please check the settings for Atlan A350 as follow:
System setup > System > Interfaces > COM 1 > MEDIBUS.X + 19200

Hyung-Chul Lee