How to install on Raspberry Pi? #523

Yasen (2022-10-18 19:17) · 603 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Hi. If you can provide any help how to install on Raspberry Pi. Thank you.

vitaldb2017 (2022-11-29 04:20)
Sorry for the late reply.
We have uploaded the manual for setting up the VR zero, a Raspberry Pi with a 4-port serial hat.
It needs the preparation for the SD image using the win32diskimager or etcher.
Then, you can boot up the raspberry pi with the SD card and connect to the admin page using the web browser.
Please check the manual below:

Ioannis (2022-12-01 16:45)
Hi, I'm trying to run Vital Recorder on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. I tried to write both images provided here (, but none of them worked. I received both times the error: "This board requires new software", "start4.elf: is not compatible". Could you please assist on that as it is really important to make it work on Raspberry Pi 4 as well. Also, the link you shared doesn not contain information on how to setup the Raspberry image etc.. How can we use the latest "pivr_1.10.9.0" files ? They are not downloaded as .img files and cannot be written on an SD card for the Raspberry Pi.
Thank you.