Getinge Flow-i: Tech Alarm Error #525

Luke Fletcher (2022-11-11 04:59) · 122 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Hi. I am having some issues using Vital Recorder with the Getinge Flow-i Anaesthesia Machine. While I am able to access data from the machine very successfully, a "Tech Alarm" error is being generated every few seconds while Vital Recorder is connected. 

Importantly, this error only appears in the service logs, and it is not obvious or apparent that there is a problem from either Vital Recorder or the machine when in use. However, this repeating error is quietly overwhelming the service error log files of the anaesthesia machine, and our Biomedical Engineering team have requested we no longer use Vital Recorder with these machines until this issue is resolved.

The error alternates between saying:
 - "Tech Alarm PANEL, FCI-RS232 2: ERROR 18 at command: HO", or 
 - "Tech Alarm PANEL, FCI-RS232 2: ERROR 18 at command: SV".

We are using relatively recent versions of all software:
 - Vital Recorder 1.10.3
 - Getinge Flow-i System Software 4.0.03

We are using the correct null-modem cable. The Vital Recorder Hardware Connection Guide does not report any special configuration requirements for the Flow-i machine.

Can this be looked into? Cheers.

vitaldb2017 (2022-11-29 04:14)
Thank you for your detailed bug reporting.
The HO and SV commands are not required for communication with Servo-i, so I have removed the commands.
The changed version of VR 1.10.8 has been uploaded.
Please check whether the errors still print up.
Thank you again, and I hope this upgrade can fix the bug.