IntelliVue EEG: both EEGs on a single wavetrack #547

Jakob Garbe (2022-11-29 14:34) · 111 view(s)

Hi DevTeam!

I'm giving this another try with a better description since I'm sure there is a simple fix:

Using the PHILIPS IntelliVue MX700 and the PHILIPS EEG Module (Product Code: M1027A), I am getting a single wavetrack with both EEG signals on (see picture below).

Intrestingly, the tooltip shows values from one EEG wavesignal (EEG2, red circle in picture). However, when exporting to .csv, signal data from the other EEG (EEG1) is exported.

I'd like to be able to export data from both EEG channels (EEG1 and EEG2) which must be possible since data is received from the IntelliVue monitor and is stored somewhere in the .vital file format. Ideally, both signals are written on seperate tracks in Vital Recorder.

If you need more Info, I'm all yours. If you havean Email address, I will also happily send you the test file shown in the picture below.

All the best,