Unable to get power of each frequency band from BIS VISTA Monitor #599

Iyngaran Ravindran (2023-08-07 07:23) · 396 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

I am trying to obtain the individual power of each frequency band (alpha, beta, theta, delta) from the DSA using the BIS VISTA monitor. According to the supported parameter list docoument I should be able to obtain these data from the device. 

 In the VISTA Binary mode & Legacy Binary mode I am only able to obtain SEF and BIS values from the machine. 

When connected in ASCII mode, the software is unable to obtain any data from the device . Is there a method to be able to extract these data? 
Thank you. 

Joana Barroso Moreira (2024-02-07 13:19)
Hello, I think that individual power cannot be exported from BIS. Only the raw EEG. And from the raw EEG you can add a filter on VitalRecorder named "EEG Frequency Analysis" even after the Record (offline mode)