Determining type of anesthetic used #615

Passpeam Chandanamattha (2023-12-04 04:33) · 213 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Hello! I have a few questions regarding the Open Dataset.

Question 1: What does 'anestart' refer to exactly. In patient case 111, for example, anestart = -780; however, the patient's propofol concentration starts at 0 and only starts rising after the case starts.

Question 2: In the Clinical Info of each case, there is 'intraop_ppf.' Does this refer to the single bolus of propofol used for induction of the patient at time of 'anestart'? If not, what does this refer to?

Question 3: Is there a way to determine the type of anesthetic used for the operation? The only way I have been able to do this is to filter the cases to those that contain information about all three of DES, SEV, and PPF. Some cases, for example, may contain information about DES and SEV but not PPF. In cases like these, is there a way to determine if PPF was used or not used? Similarly, some cases may contain information about DES but not SEV. Would I be able to determine if SEV was or was not used in cases like these? Or is the only way to know which anesthetic was used is to filter for cases that contain all three of DES, SEV, and PPF?

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Administrator (2023-12-05 00:41)
Hi Passpeam,

1. Anestart refers to anesthesia start time. In patient case 111, anethesia begins 780 seconds before the operation start time, which starts at 0.
2. Yes, it is. There is a parameter list and description in Open Dataset Overview tab.
3. For such filtering, we recommend using the vitaldb Python library. (

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Mignon (2024-01-07 10:14)
Dear Colleagues,

in your princeps paper, you write that when both heart rate and percutaneous oxygen saturation signals are detected, patient monitoring is considered to have started and case recording begins immediately, which I suppose to be 0 start time.
How then have negative times for anestart ?
Thank you in advanced