Philips Intellivue: Request for addition of other pressure labels #618

Luke Fletcher (2024-01-03 00:22) · 212 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


Thank you for your great work in creating VitalRecorder.

On our Philips Intellivue MX800 monitors, we have the following label options for invasive blood pressure monitoring: P, ABP, ART, Ao, PAP, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP, UAP, UVP.

VitalRecorder is capable of recording the following invasive blood pressure labels: ABP, ART, AOP, CVP, FAP, PAP, ICP.

Can the following labels please be added as options in VitalRecorder: Ao, RAP, LAP, UAP and UVP? Alternatively, can you create a way for users to specify their own custom list of labels via free-text entry, potentially in the configuration (.conf) file?

Kind regards

Luke Fletcher 

Luke Fletcher (2024-01-23 06:08)
Hi. Can you please provide an answer to this question? Thank you.