4 channels EEG BIS #626

Joana Barroso Moreira (2024-02-07 13:09) · 213 view(s)


I need to use VitalRecorder to capture the raw EEG from bilateral BIS sensor. It should give me 4 channels, 2 from each side (left, right).

I am using a Rs232- usb converter and the Serial Vista Binary Protocol. Acording to Covidien representants it is possible to collect 4 channels with this protocol (software version 3.5 from Covidien). Acording to VitalRecorder Docs,  4 channels of EEG are also possible to collect  BUT I can only collect 2 channels (only left channels) and also only the values from the left side ( a total of 8 parameters, left side parameters). Also in the database there are only regists of 8 parameters with 2 EEG waves from BIS.

Is it really possible to collect 4 channels of EEG from bilateral sensor?

I really need this to work out. Any help is much appreciated