32bit computer cannot open Vital Recorder #637

Sylvia (2024-04-14 10:02) · 241 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear teacher,


Vital Recorder is a very useful tool! It helps me a lot !

However, I have a question when I try to connect the monitor.


1. I can't open Vital Recorder on my 32bit computer, but I read from the Hardware Connection Guide that it works on both 32bit and 64bit computers, has anyone successfully opened Vital Recorder on a 32bit computer?

2. When I try to connect the https://vitaldb.net/boards?id=bugreport&;article=72 > S/5 Datex Ohmeda Record Interface (DRI), I cannot record anaesthesia log sheet and Vital data at the same time ( we need the X8 serial port to record anaesthesia log sheet ), because there is a signal conflict when I use a splitter, is there any solution for this?



Thank you very much!

Administrator (2024-04-29 04:04)
Hello Sylvia,

Can you let us know which OS you are using?