Adding vent_leak and VTi for draeger primus | medibus #642

J. Friemond (2024-05-23 12:01) · 228 view(s)

Dear vitalDB team,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the free availability of your program collection.

I am currently facing the problem that the VitalRecorder cannot recognize all the values supplied by medibus. The device in question is the Draeger Primus.

For my research I need the values vent_leak and TVi.
In the documentation from draeger, these values are declared in medibus as follows:


For now, the vitalRecorder just gives me a vent_leak value of 42 ml/min all the time which is not correct according to the display of the primus.


Would it be possible to include the VTi parameter and fix the reading for the vent_leak value?

I'd be happy to provide you with further information if neccessary.


Thank you very much in advance!

J. Friemond