Masimo's ROOT is supported #11

Hyung-Chul Lee (2017-11-18 11:30) · 4237 view(s) · 3 comment(s)

From recently uploaded Vital Recorder 1.8.5

Masimo's ROOT is supported.


We hope it will enable the study with PVI or SpHb.

Sch (2018-08-19 15:22)
I hope I can record Sedline and O3 parameters too.
Thank you for your efforts.

vitaldb2017 (2018-12-01 13:06)

Maarten (2021-11-25 13:44)
Would it be possible to add the ventilatory data from the Masimo Root in VitalDB as well? At this moment, we are not able to receive this data, only the the pulse oximeter data (without the plethysmograph) of the Masimo Root works.
Furthermore, we are not able to connect vitalDB with our Edwards Hemosphere and our Philips Intellivue (vitalDB recognizes the COM port, but no data is shown). We followed all the steps for the documentation but something seems not working, would it be possible to get in contact with you? Thanks for your effort in this project, Maarten