Sample data is now available. #7

정철우 (2017-02-15 09:35) · 2828 view(s) · 4 comment(s)

We provide sample data to answer your questions about the data you can get with the Vital Recorder.

Please check the "Data bank" menu.

In the data provided, the start time of the data was changed for deidentification and the noise signal for the last 10 minutes generated during auto recording was removed.

We are preparing to disclose all data, including sample data provided. We are working hard to complete within a few months, so please look forward to it.

정철우 (2017-03-23 12:50)
Sample data can also be received directly from within the Vital Recorder program by clicking the "Import from Web Database" icon on the menu bar.

binbin (2019-10-08 09:42)
I am a graduate student of huazhong university of science and technology, and I want to use your data for research, but I cannot get the data from your website now

jiarui (2022-03-01 03:30)
I am a graduate student ,and i want to use your data of EEG,but i cannot download the data in csv_file from Open Dataset.
In contrast,the BIS data can download in cvs_file.

Rolandas Gircys (2023-03-10 11:38)
Hi, I select SNUADC/PLETH and CaseID 4 in DataViewer. Download csv file. When I open it find only time and Nan values. This file don't have PLETH data. What is wrong?