Intellivue Settings to Collect Ventilator Data


Intellivue Setting Guide to Collect Data from Ventilator

Ventilator Setup on Intellivue Monitor

1. To open the “Setup Ventilator” window on Intellivue, press “Setup” button of the IntelliBridge EC10 connected to the Ventilator.

2. Click “Device Driver” - “Setup Numerics” on Setup Ventilator.

3. Press “Add” button at the bottom of the screen and choose parameters to collect data. You can select up to 12 parameters from “Choices”. If you chose the wrong parameter, you could delete it by pressing the “Delete” button.

Commonly used settings and their meanings are listed below:

  • FiO2 : measured FiO2
  • sFiO2 : FiO2 setting
  • PEEP : measured Positive End Expiratory Pressure
  • sPEEP : Positive End Expiratory Pressure setting
  • sSIMV : Respiration Rate setting on SIMV mode
  • sCMV : Respiration Rate setting on CMV mode
  • sΔPi-e : Pressure Control setting
  • sΔPEEP : Pressure Support setting
  • IE 1; : Expiration part from IE ratio
  • RRaw : measured Respiration Rate
  • PIP : measured Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • TV : measured Tidal Volume
  • MINVOL : measured Minute Volume

In some cases, other parameters such as PPV become invisible since the parameters added through the setup guide above take up the screen. To prevent this, you can change the settings to make the added parameters invisible but collect their data. Please follow the steps below.

Select the parameter to hide from the screen, and tap "Setup Spirometer" - "Change Numeric" - "Blank". This setting makes the parameter invisible on the monitor, but its data is collected through VitalRecorder.

To save the changed settings, please follow the steps below.

Save Current Settings as Default Profile

 1. Tap “Main Setup” - “Operating Modes” - “Config”. The default password is “71034”.

2. Press “Main Setup” - “Profiles” - “Save All” on Config mode.

3. Tap “Confirm” on the “Please Confirm” window to save all changes.

4. Lastly, to change the mode of the device from Config to Monitoring, press “Config” - “Operating Modes” - “Monitoring”. And, tap “Confirm” on the “Please Confirm” window at the bottom of the screen.

PPV Display Settings

Tap ABP and select “Setup ABP” - “PPV” - “Setup PPV”.

Then, set

  • PPV: On
  • Measurement: Enabled

as shown below.