Monitor View #126

DGMC Clinical Investigations Facility (2019-07-11 22:18) · 323 view(s) · 3 comment(s)


Thank you for doing a wonderful job on VitalDB!  In monitor mode, I am only able to see limited parameters -- CVP and NIBP, even though on the main screen, I have MAP, HR, ECG-II, and ICP running. (See attached screenshot). Is there a way to change the parameters displayed in monitor mode?



vitaldb2017 (2019-07-12 06:22)

Would you tell me your monitor brand and model? We will fix any issues with the model.

DGMC Clinical Investigations Facility (2019-07-12 19:50)
Sorry, I should have given you more information. my monitor is a Philips Intellivue MP50. I am connecting it to a Toshiba laptop via a PL2303 USB to RJ45 cable. Thank you!


vitaldb2017 (2019-07-16 06:28)
Thank you for notifying us of the error. We have begun to fix some bugs in the Web monitoring of the Philips patient monitor.