Drager Perseus A500, Medibus.X protocol #220

Johannes (2019-12-10 13:20) · 1118 view(s) · 6 comment(s)

Hi. I have great success with recording from Intellivue monitors, thanks!

I'm now trying to connect to a Dräger Perseus A500, but without getting any data.

I'm using:
- Moxa Uport USB to 4x serial
- F/M direct serial cable (DB9)
- F/F direct gender changer (https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/d-sub-connector-accessories/1164789/) (surprisingly, this ventilator has two male COM ports)

I've set the interface setting to medibus.x, but I'm unsure which baud rate to use (i've tried the highest 9600, 19200 and 38400).

My guess the problem is that the 'medibus.x' protocol is different to the earlier 'medibus' protocol.

I did not find a way to use the 'medibus' protocol instead.

This issue has been raised before in the discussion forum (with > 2300 views, http://vitaldb.net/boards/?id=bugreport&article=59), so I believe there is a great interrest in getting this ventilator supported.

vitaldb2017 (2019-12-13 00:54)
We have not tested the A500, but please try the following:

1. Select the medibus protocol.
2. Set the following: Baud rate = 9600, Parity = even, Stop Bits = 1, Data Bits = 8
3. Connect cables in the following order: COM1 port-Cross gender (Null modem)-Serial cable
4. If that doesn't work, try changing COM1 to the COM2 port.

Try it out and tell us the results.

vitaldb2017 (2019-12-13 00:57)
This method is commonly used for Fabius GS / Fabius Tiro / Infinity Evita V500 / Zeus anesthesia machines.

Johannes (2019-12-18 08:39)
I tried with a null modem cable (F/F cross). This is definitely the correct cable, as a similar software (VScapture) now connected (with a baud rate of 19200), but with a few errors probably due to protocol incompatibility.

The Perseus A500 has no option for changing the protocol to medibus.
I did not get any data using Vital Recorder (baud rate 9600), but the ventilator showed a 'COM1 error' message, which it did not do using a direct cable (so I guess it is at least getting some request on the serial port).

If you are interested in supporting the medibus.x protocol, I can send you the specification (if you do not already have it). I am especially interested in real-time data, which is requested separately from the rest of the data.

DGMC Clinical Investigations Facility (2020-01-08 18:01)

I've been working with a Draeger Apollo. VitalDB will capture data if I manually reset the Medibus protocol (version doesn't seem to matter) in the Interfaces Dialog. I am thinking that the PC is not responding to the ICC command sent by the Apollo to establish communications. Other than the added manual step, it seems to work well. Thanks for your excellent work!


Rafal (2020-01-22 18:43)
Johannes, could you share the medicus.x specification, which you mentioned earlier?
Thank you in advance :)

Sebastian Jaramillo (2020-10-21 07:36)
Is the communication problem solved for the Perseus A500 machine?