VitalRecorder crashes when connecting to EV1000 #221

Johannes (2019-12-10 13:25) · 328 view(s) · 3 comment(s)

Hi, I have read data from Intellivue devices without problems, but shortly after I connect to an Edwards EV1000, VitalRecorder crashes.

Sometimes I get a short glimpse of the incomming data (which looks appropriate) before the crash.

I have only been able to test this in the EV1000 flotrac demo mode. 

vitaldb2017 (2019-12-13 00:38)
What version are you using? We believe that the latest version resolves the crach issue with the EV1000 connection that occurred in previous versions. If the same problem is repeated with the latest version of VR, please tell us again.

Johannes (2019-12-13 10:31)
It is probably a couple of months old, sorry about that. I'll test it again with the newest version, as soon as I find an EV1000 that is not in use.

Johannes (2019-12-18 07:53)
It works. Sorry for reporting an error without using the latest version.