Timing issue in waveforms. #280

Johannes (2020-06-30 11:48) · 11 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

Vital Recorder

device: Philips MX550


I have an issue with my recordings, where there suddenly is a gap of 1.6 seconds in the recorded waveforms. See screenshots.

It has happend in 3 of 6 recordings. Each recording is 30-50 min long. It has not happend more than once in a recording.

I am quite sure the gap should not be there, since it offsets the relationship between the CVP and the ventilator airway pressure (recorded seperately). 

My best guess is, that I am pushing the limit of the serial connection. If the serial buffer stats to build up, Vital Recorder to interpret the recording as interrupted and assign a new baseline time for the remaing data.

Have you experienced anything like this before? 

(I'll gladly provide files for diagnostics)



vitaldb2017 (2020-07-03 22:43)
Thank you for the information.
We will examine the phenomenon and reason.

Johannes (2020-07-13 09:59)
After removing the extra gap, the waveforms appear smooth, so there does not appear to be any data loss. Only a shift in timing.