Filter for removing noise in the PPG waveforms in the VitalDB database #344

Anand Chandrasekhar (2020-12-28 15:48) · 151 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


Thanks for setting up this platform. This is very useful for everyone.

I have a question regarding the PPG waveform signals in the 6,388 surgical patient's VitalDB database.

  1. What kind of filter did you use for removing noise in the PPG waveforms? Filters impact the shape of the PPG waveforms, and hence, it will be useful to know the kind of filtering involved in your design.
  2. Is the gain of PPG sensors constant for all the patients ?



vitaldb2017 (2021-01-08 05:20)
This program records bio-signals that are output through the patient monitor's serial port. Since this signal has already been processed by the monitor manufacturer's algorithm, you must contact the manufacturer to obtain information about the algorithm used. Our PPG data were collected from GE's solar8000 monitor.