Cannot Connect to Edwards Vigilance II #356

Matthew MacGregor (2021-01-26 16:51) · 86 view(s) · 2 comment(s)

I am having trouble getting any data out of an Edwards Vigilance II cardiac monitor. I have set the baud rate to 9600 as instructed by the Hardware Connection guide, but it still isn't reading anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Matthew MacGregor (2021-01-26 21:36)
It seems like the issue was that I was using a straight-through serial-to-usb cable and not a crossover. Additionally, any information that can be offered on the Edwards IFMout protocol used by their devices would be extremely appreciated.

Matthew MacGregor (2021-01-28 19:01)
Well even though I can see data coming directly through serial, Vital Recorder refuses to show any parameters for the Vigilance (it's a Vigilance II but that isn't a device option). Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to be able to record this ASAP.