EEG Module on GE B450 Patient Monitor #367

Leopold Simma (2021-02-17 10:27) · 170 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear Developers,

I'm connecting the GE B450 to vitalrecorder, however if the saturation  recording (PLETH) is activated the EEG Channel 2 is not showing up, just EEG Channel 1. When deactivating PLETH, EEG2 does work and the signal comes through

Any thoughts why this is happening?

Kind regards


vitaldb2017 (2021-02-23 23:52)
On GE's Bx50 series or Philips' Intellivue monitors, the summation of all analog signal frequencies does not exceed a set limit.
For example, if the total limit is 600Hz and 300Hz ECG, 150Hz PPG, 150Hz ABP are being output, no more analog signals can be represented.
However, unfortunately, it is not possible to arbitrarily set a certain signal to be output at a specific frequency.