Data format when downloading CSV files from the data viewer #421

Sondre Heimark (2021-06-08 08:25) · 160 view(s) · 1 comment(s)

Dear developers, 

I am looking to explore some data, with special interest in the waveform data (ABP, ECG, PLETH) from the available datasets in the dataviewer. I have some trouble regarding sampling rate: It seems that a) if you download via action-download csv, it simply does not include the waveforms. b) if download CSV is selected from the window where the data is shown, it includes the waveforms, but it seems that the sampling frequency is distorted: Waveforms are collected at 500hz but printed as 100hz in the .CSV file which then only inlcudes a short period in the beginning of the recorded data, the rest is missing and time alignement with respect to other data is off. 

Kind regards 

vitaldb2017 (2021-06-20 12:58)
The data viewer is for data inspection and the waveforms are downsampled to 100hz for quick drawing.
Data downloaded through API have 500hz waveform data.