DAQ card recommended #70

JAVIER SAYAS CATALAN (2018-05-21 19:20) · 807 view(s) · 1 comment(s)


First of all, Congrats for such an awesome product!! We have been working in a much more humble software for displaying respiratory traces (obtained through a pneumotach and a couple of pressure sensors and acquired thorugh an Advantech USB DAQ card). But yours is superb! I will like to use it in respiratory research, mainly to display analog signals. I own a couple of USB advantech cards, but I see you have included support for NI 6008 card and a dataq DI-1110. In order to buy one to get it working with your software, wich one you will recommend? NI or dataq one? Are you planning to include advantech usb series (i.e USB4704 support)? 




vitaldb2017 (2018-05-25 23:11)
Thank you for your praise.
In fact, we used Dataq's DI-149 (previous version of DI-1100) and DI-155 (previous version of DI-1100). The former can use 8 channels, but the resolution is lower and the latter can only use 4 channels, but the resolution is higher.
Respiratory waveform analysis does not need high resolution, so the former one is probably enough (especially due to the cheap price).
However, we cannot say which company's product is better, but we recommend that you choose an easy-to-buy product.
Finally, we are sorry that we don't have a plan to support Advantech's products.