Web Monitoring User Guide

What is Web monitoring?

You can monitor the connection and collection status of the equipment remotely while data is collected via the Vital Recorder. This is done by uploading the data collected by the Vital Recorder to the server and then downloading it to the user's web browser. The flow chart of the data is as follows.

Medical devices→ Vital Recorder → Internet → Data server → Internet → Web browser

At this time, both the computer with the Vital Recorder and the computer with the Web browser must be connected to the Internet. Because web monitoring moves data out of the institution, its use may be restricted by law or regulation, depending on the country or region. Therefore, we recommend that you use Web monitoring for research purposes only. The data is permanently deleted after it has been temporarily stored on the server for 8 hours. Use local storage to record and archive research data.


  • Computer with Vital Recorder: To upload data, you need a computer with Vital Recorder installed and internet access.
  • Web Browser: Web monitoring requires a computer with a web browser and Internet access. You can use Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Chromium-based browser as your web browser, but we recommend using Chrome and mobile Chrome browsers.