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Functions in Web Monitoring

Page Settings

There are useful functions that would improve your experience in Web Monitoring. Let’s start by page settings.

The following image is the top part of Web Monitoring page.

is group settings. Press “+ Add Group” button to add a group and add rooms to the group in room settings (which will be explained in the next section). After adding groups with “+ Add Group” function, you can filter rooms by selecting a group on the dropdown menu which is on the very left side of the image.

 is a checkbox. When this option is checked, only monitors connected to patients will show up on the Web Monitoring page. And, a number next to the patient icon is a real time statistics that indicates the number of patients connected.

displays real time statistics: currently active monitors / the number of monitors in the selected group.

 is a dropdown menu where you can choose the number of columns (monitors) of a row. The image below is an example when column is 5.

is a button for page expansion mode, in which the navigation bar disappears, and the page becomes dark like the following image (help you focus on monitoring and look fancier when you make it full screen!).


Room Settings

Click the monitor view to open the room settings, and click it one more time to close the settings. The area with red border in the image above is the Room Setting Menu.

  • The blurred text on the menu is the roomcode of selected monitor.
  • Press  button to change a group of the room for filtering.
  •  button minimizes the size of selected monitor.
  •  button is for full screen mode (single room mode). This setting will be introduced in the next section with detail.
  • Last,  button deletes the monitor.

Full Screen Mode (Single Room Mode)

To zoom in on a monitor or to rewind the record, Full Screen Mode must be selected. Double-click the monitor or press  button on Room Setting Menu to open full screen mode. Press ESC key or  button on the top-right side, or double-click the monitor to exit the mode.

The following image is an example of full screen mode.

  • At the top center, the data recording time of the current case is displayed in red. In the example above, the case has been recorded for 4 hours 18 minutes 42 seconds.
  • At the top right, total runtime of Vital Recorder is displayed in white. In the example, Vital Recorder has run for 2 days 20 hours 24 minutes.
  • You can open vital records of the desired time (up to 12 hours from now) with the slider at the bottom or buttons at the bottom:
  • Press  buttons to go back and forth by 7 seconds.
  •  to rewind to the beginning of the current case.
  •  goes back to the real time monitoring.
  • When the past record is opened, the monitor will be paused and, the pause button at the bottom left side becomes a play button. Press  button to play the past record.