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Functions in Web Monitoring

Page Settings

There are useful functions that would improve your experience in Web Monitoring. Let’s start by page settings.

The following image is the top part of Web Monitoring page.

  • button opens group list. When you select groups to filter from the list, only the beds of that groups are displayed on the page. Also, you can edit the group name from the list.
  •  filters the monitors connected to a patient. “4/129 beds” is a statistics showing the number of monitors connected to the patient in real time and the total number of monitors in the currently selected groups.
  •  is select options to choose the number of monitors displayed per line. For example, if you select 5, 5 monitors are listed per line as shown in the following image.

  • is a page refresh button.
  •  is an expand button. When clicked, the page changes to full screen dark mode as shown in the following image.


Bed Monitor Settings

Right-click the monitor to open the room settings, and click elsewhere to close the settings.

  • Copy VR Code copies VR code to the clipboard.
  • Edit Permissions where you can give permissions to view monitor or download recorded files to other users and where you can edit or delete permissions already granted.
  • Delete VR deletes the monitor
  • Update VR, Restart VR, Reboot can be executed as long as you have checked “Enable web configuration” from Vital Recorder Settings. They each function as updating Vital Recorder, restarting Vital Recorder, and rebooting PC.

Multiple Monitor Settings

By clicking them, you can select multiple monitors and manage them at once. Check All and Actions buttons will appear on the top menu if a monitor is selected.

  • Check All button selects/un-selects all monitors at once.
  • Actions is a dropdown menu.
  • With Share VR, you can give other users permission to view selected monitors or to download recorded biosignal files of the monitors.
  • Change Group set the selected monitors’ group.
  • Delete VR deletes the selected monitors at once.
  • Update VR, Restart VR, Reboot are functions available only when “Enable web configuration” is checked in Vital Recorder Settings. They each function as updating Vital Recorder, restarting Vital Recorder, and rebooting PC.

Full Screen Mode (Single Room Mode)

To zoom in on a monitor or to rewind the record, Full Screen Mode must be selected. Double-click the monitor. Press ESC key or double-click the monitor to exit the mode.

The following image is an example of full screen mode.

  • At the top center, the data recording time of the current case is displayed in red. In the example above, the case has been recorded for 21 minutes 5 seconds.
  • You can view biosignal monitor of the desired time (up to 12 hours from now) with the slider at the bottom or buttons at the bottom:
  • Press  buttons to go back and forth by 7 seconds.
  •  to rewind to the beginning of the current case.
  •  goes back to the real time monitoring.
  • When the past record is opened, the monitor will be paused and the pause button at the bottom left side becomes a play button. Press  button to play the past record.